Website Design and Development

Apache Network offer professional web design services and provide local businesses with unique modern websites that are accessible and coded to industry standards. If you are looking for a new website, considering a redesign or looking to promote your website we can help.

Our web sites are designed with desirability and usability in mind. We want your website to look great whilst remaining easy to use. Our web designers produce fresh modern web designs that are unique and relevant to each customer. We will listen to how you want your website to look, review the competition and then produce a design that will give you an online presence to be proud of.

Fresh Designs

Many companies have a single designer that produces their design work, the downside to this is many of their clients will end up with designs that have similar features. For Apache Network this in not an issue, we have access to a number of experienced web designers from which we can select the most appropriate designer for each project. By working in this way it ensures all of our websites receive a unique modern website design that incorporates the latest design techniques.

Accesibility And Usability

Having a website that looks great is an obvious concern, however, the accessibility and usability of the design are often forgotten. When a user visits a website they often decide in the first few seconds whether they are going to stay or hit the back button, our aim is to prevent this from happening. The websites we design are easy to navigate, informative, accessible in all major browsers and W3C standards compliant. We also offer professional copywriting advice should you need help writing the content for your website.

Web Development

Having a web design that looks great is only one part of the process. We take each website design and develop it into W3C standards compliant pages that are search engine friendly and cross browser compatible. Gone are the days where a website just had to work in Internet Explorer, our websites are now tested in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

We develop our websites using a number of coding languages, below we explain each:

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language)

XHTML is the foundation coding language behind most websites. It provides the ability to give a website structure through the use of various tags. These tags are used to structure items plus many more.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS is a complimentary coding language to XHTML, it is used to give XHTML appearance and layout. Sizes, colours, backgrounds, paddings, widths and heights are just a few of the things CSS can define. All websites should be built with CSS so that structure and design can be kept seperate.


Javascript is often used to add extra functionality to a website, common uses include drop down menus, popup boxes, form validation and other interactive elements.

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor)

PHP is a very powerful language and is used for the advanced functionality of a website, a few examples would be shopping carts, search facilities, login areas and content management systems. If you want something bespoke on your website then there is a very high chance it will be possible to do it in PHP.

MySQL (My Structure Query Language

MySQL is where all of the information that is displayed on a website is usually kept, MySQL can store your website content, customer details, product lists (online shops) and pretty much anything else that can be put into a database..

All of the above languages are used in the websites we produce.