Apache Network offers a broad array of Vehicle Tracking Solution which is ideal for general use, having built our reputation on a dynamic output of high-caliber GPS tools and products. As a leading GPS tracking company, we pride ourselves on providing customers with exceptional equipment, customer service, and the comprehensive product information they expect.

Vehicle Tracking System is commonly used in most of the countries of world. It is a combined installation of device in any vehicle with purpose designed software and at least one operational base to track the vehicle location; it collects data and deliver it to the base system.

Modern Vehicle tracking system mostly uses GPS (Global Positioning System) technology. Vehicle information can be shown on an electronic map via internet or pre-designed map software, large cities or urban transport authorities are the common user of vehicle tracking system.

You can monitor your vehicles around the globe with seamless coverage using satellite technology that is not reliant on cellular range. Leverage the power of landmarks, historical location reports along with direction, speed, and time stamps.

Our vehicle tracking systems provide the ability to pinpoint your vehicle´s location to as close as few feet away while supplying rapid and updated vehicle information, including maintenance information, speed, location, and direction. We specialize in creating GPS tracking systems to provide endless capabilities to assist in streamlining your day-to-day operations and to take control of your mobile assets. Cost effectiveness and customer service are our top priorities.

If you are considering the installation of a vehicle tracking system for your company, take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to help you select a system that will meet your needs. We have completed the homework, and we will save you hours of time by quickly educating you on the different GPS tracking systems available in today’s market to help you select the right product for your needs. So save time and money by calling us today, or browse our site to learn more.

   Temperature sensor

    Fuel sensor

    Door sensor

    Camera sensor

    View on Google Maps

    Remote Start/Stop

    SMS/Call Alert

    Email Alert

    Track by SMS/GPRS

    Track on Demand

    Track by Time Interval

    Track by Distance Interval

    Track on Mobile Phone

    Inbuilt Tremble Sensor

    850mAh Internal Batte

    SOS Alarm

    Geo-fence Alarm

    GPS Blind Area Alarm

    Low Battery Alarm

    Speeding Alarm

    Weight Alarm

    Mileage Report