Corporate IT Support (CITS)

CITS is a premier managed service and is designed to help your businesses recognize and solve potential technical problems before and after it occurs. As your CITS provider, our trained engineers will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business’ IT strength and weaknesses, enabling us to resolve each potential problem without any interruptions to your business operation. As your service provider, the primary goal of CITS is to help you grow your business by constantly ensuring the maximum efficiency and productivity of your operational systems. You will experience that our state-of-the-art equipment gives us the ability to remotely troubleshoot potential system or network failures at all times. CITS can completely handle your ITs' deployment. We can handle all Hardware or Software configuration and installation scenarios that will potentially reduce your IT costs dramatically.

CITS Service Plans

CITS Service Plans are designed to ensure the durability, reliability, and high performance of Our Partners' computer and networking systems even at peak hours. Our Service Plans reflects our ability to provide for Our Partners top-rate technical services at competitive costs. In addition to our contractual obligations, we also provide wellness services or preventive maintenance services at a negligible cost to Our Partners; this involves patch maintenance, version upgrades, diagnostic support and reactive support.

CITS Includes :